#HomesComfort is a campaign that has been specifically designed around the areas that create a barrier to home ownership. There are a range of bespoke, real-world incentives encouraging buyers to speak to our Sales Executives to discuss their particular needs to eliminate as many obstacles to home ownership as possible.

With a challenging economic environment, the biggest difficulty, especially for first-time buyers, is often saving a big enough deposit. Higgins Homes understands this challenge and has responded with a range of financial incentives including 5% deposit top up, potentially taking the deposit from 10% to 15%. Or buyers can take advantage of having the legal fees and stamp duty paid, which also adds up to a substantial expense.

Recognising the unique financial requirements of each buyer, #HomesComfort empowers individuals to engage with the Higgins Homes team to tailor the ideal solution for their specific circumstances. Regardless of the financial pathway they select, this approach significantly lowers the initial expenses, widening the accessibility of ownership to a broader audience.

One major additional expense when considering home ownership is furnishing. Higgins Homes wants buyers to move into the home of their dreams, which is why one of the incentives within the #HomesComfort opportunity is the option of a Furniture Pack with contemporary brand BoConcept, offering Danish inspired furniture, accessories and lighting for the modern home.

The pieces have been carefully selected by interior designers to create a seamless style, creating beautiful spaces and an easy one-stop solution for homebuyers. There are a range of packages available with the design team taking customers through the whole process.

“Listening to buyers and understanding their needs was the catalyst for launching #HomesComfort,” explains Chris Johnston (Head of New Homes). “The campaign puts the buyer at the centre of the incentive process and is tailored to their specific needs. It maybe they want the financial offer of a 5% deposit top up, or it could be any one of the other lifestyle options that we offer. The important message is that we will listen and respond to their individual requests.”

Due to Higgins Homes’ extensive expertise in catering to a broad range of buyers, they possess a deep understanding of their unique challenges. Through the #HomesComfort programme, they are adept at tailoring incentives that align perfectly with their requirements. These incentives encompass a wide range of offerings, from covering childcare expenses for six months to providing upfront payment for travel cards.

“The #HomesComfort incentive helps buyers with their budgeting, for not just their property, but their lifestyle also,” adds Chris Johnston. “Knowing that their transport costs are covered for a certain period or not having to worry about additional childcare expenses, will encourage more people to be able to take their first step on to the ladder and provide a future that offers more stability.”

The #HomesComfort initiative is extending the opportunity of home ownership to a broader range of individuals and families, enabling them to acquire high-quality homes that grant them increased autonomy over their futures and enhance their overall well-being.



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