5% Deposit Top-Up Scheme Available

Posted 29/09/2023

In the dynamic landscape of the property market, Higgins Homes has emerged as a beacon of innovation and customer-centricity. With a keen understanding of the challenges associated with purchasing a new home, Higgins Homes is taking a bold step towards simplifying the home buying journey.

Affordability Matters
The process of buying a home is often a daunting one, marked by a myriad of financial considerations. From down payments to mortgages, the financial aspect of purchasing a property can be overwhelming. Higgins Homes recognises this challenge and is stepping up to help alleviate the burden. This incentive reduces the financial strain, and contributes to making homeownership a reality for a wider range of potential buyers.

How does it work?
Let's consider a concrete example to illustrate the benefit of the 5% deposit top-up offer...

Imagine buying an Ecole two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment with a purchase price of £675,000. Traditionally, a 10% deposit of £67,500 would be required, leaving a mortgage amount of £607,500.

However, with the 5% deposit top-up from Higgins Homes, the same property purchase would involve a 10% deposit of £67,500 and an additional 5% top-up of £33,750. This reduces the mortgage amount to £573,750.
In an industry characterised by complexity and financial demands, the Higgins Homes approach feels like a breath of fresh air to prospective homebuyers. By prioritising customer needs and delivering innovative solutions, Higgins Homes is not only building houses but also nurturing the dreams and aspirations of those who choose to embark on their homeownership journey with them.

If you're looking for a developer that understands the challenges of the modern property landscape and is committed to helping you achieve your dream of owning a home, Higgins Homes is here to help