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Award-winning new homes in London and the South East

Higgins Homes has successfully designed, built and managed a wide portfolio of new build and sensitively considered conversion and restoration projects across London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Sussex. We approach every project on the merits of its location and home-buyer requirements, from bold city centre apartments to traditional large village homes.

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UK Property Awards Winner 2021-2022
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Six ways to enjoy Spring in South London

With the arrival of spring, South London transforms into a vibrant, colourful and even more alluring
corner of the city, offering myriad ways to make the most of the season.

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Buying in London as a First Time Buyer with #HomesComfort

Owning a home in London, a city filled with history, culture, and endless opportunities, has long been a dream for many. However, being a first-time buyer in London can be both an exciting and daunting experience.


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“The staff are professional and there is good customer service. They know their homes and demonstrate that they care about their homes, staff and safety.”

Mattias Liu - Alphabet

“This property is larger than our previous home and has bonus of views over the open landscaped area at the front of the house. It’s a really bright, south-facing house and an excellent standard of finish in general.”

Mick and Pam Childs - Coggeshall West

“They were so efficient from the outset. The sales team, home demonstration and completion were very efficient and everything happened on the day that is was supposed to.”

Simon Bailey - Alphabet

“Knowing where I was in the process was helpful for me. YourKeys was a very informative application that kept me in the loop about what the next steps were and what I needed to do. When I wanted to learn more about what was inside the house, like the appliances, Spaciable is a great aid also.”

Ian Visser - Quercus

“This is pretty good for me, location-wise. The building is cleaner than I was expecting and the design is good. I was expecting a new build to be too modern and not fit with London, but this has a pretty nice design, both inside and outside. It is pretty stylish. I would recommend based on the stylish design.”

Ali Ozturkmen - Alphabet

“It’s difficult to find a house that fits the bill with everything that you want but with a good size garden, the perfect location and the high standard of fixtures and fittings, Coggeshall West certainly ticks many boxes.”

Angela Attwood - Coggeshall West