Benefits of buying a new build home

It’s true that older properties can come with attractive period features, they also often come with extensive upkeep and hidden costs. Opting for a new build is a great way to avoid such disappointment, such as discovering costly defects you hadn’t budgeted for, the sale falling through, or realising your renovations are going to take much more time and money than you have to spare. New build homes have a long list of benefits to suit everyone from first-time buyers, to investors, to upsizers and downsizers. Here are some of the most exciting and valuable perks of buying new:

Everything is brand new

While it goes without saying that everything in a new build is brand new and unused, this is one of the biggest advantages of being a property’s first owner. Not only does it mean a totally blank canvas to put your own mark on, free from the decorating blunders of those who came before you, it also means freshly painted walls, plush carpets, and brand new, modern fixtures and appliances.

At Higgins Homes, we focus on unique specification, ensuring no two residences are the same and your home is freshly tailored to your taste. No wobbly doorknobs, scuffed floors, or cracked tiles to be fixed. Just a clean, blank slate so you can turn the key and enjoy.

Less maintenance

Again, being the first owner of a brand-new property means everything is unused. One of the main perks of starting fresh with every aspect of your home, from the structure to the electrics to the furnishings and fixtures, is the lack of maintenance required. Living in a property over time creates unavoidable wear and tear, which can be costly and time consuming to refresh. All Higgins Homes residences are built and fitted to the highest standard, meaning you won’t have to worry about maintenance issues for a long time.

More energy efficient

New build properties are built to be much more energy efficient than older homes, many of which can be drafty with leaky taps and older boilers. Buying new means more energy efficient features such as double-glazed windows, modern, high-quality insulation, water-saving systems, and newer, more efficient boilers. This means you can expect lower energy bills while also having a reduced impact on the environment.

Peace of mind

Buying a property can be daunting and there are lots of considerations to be made in order to secure a home you’re happy with. The last thing you want is for the cracks to show - literally or metaphorically - once it’s too late. New builds offer unrivalled peace of mind via new home warranties. All Higgins Homes developments are built to the highest standard throughout, but for added reassurance all homes come with a 10-year warranty and a friendly customer service team, neither of which you’ll find with an older property.


Buying a home from a brand-new development means buying outside of the property chain, and is thus described as ‘chain-free’. Within the property chain, the success of your purchase typically depends on the seller’s particular circumstances, so if their end of the deal falls through, you could be back to square one. Purchasing a new build directly from the developer means you may avoid disappointment and reserve your home quickly and easily without getting into a bidding war, as the main benefits of a chain-free property purchase are speed and security.

Designed for a modern lifestyle

New build homes are thoughtfully designed to serve and enhance a modern way of living, with wellbeing, convenience and flexibility prioritised. Where older homes can be darker with clunkier layouts, older appliances and less practical rooms, new developments cater better to modern expectations, such as en-suite bedrooms, home office space, handy utility areas, and light, bright and airy spaces that flow seamlessly from room to room. A well-considered home offers the perfect combination of peace, productivity and togetherness, where people can gather, relax, work and raise a family. As such, a new build is the obvious choice for those with a busy, modern lifestyle.

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