Top tips for upsizing your home

There are many reasons homeowners outgrow their properties. Whether your family is growing, you need office space to work from home, or you’re simply ready to upsize from your first home, here are some top tips for upsizing to a bigger home........

Bigger isn’t automatically better

The top reason for upsizing is to accommodate a growing family. With more people under one roof, square footage is of course a top priority, but it’s important to remember that size isn’t the only factor when considering a particular property.

If you think more broadly about what upsizing will mean for you, you may realise that a larger property may actually have less storage or fewer bathrooms than you will need, so don’t forget to get specific about what you’re looking for and try not to be swayed solely by floor space.

Family functionality

Again, a growing family may need more space, but what’s the point in upgrading in size and not in functionality? Oddly shaped box rooms or hard to access cupboards can make even a larger property feel less spacious, while old or unreliable fixtures and appliances can slow you down when every minute counts.

Instead, why not consider the functional benefits of a modern development and how they can streamline family life? Higgins Homes’ properties are built with family in mind, encompassing light, bright and airy layouts to enhance the feeling of space, while the modern, sleek design and functionality to cater for a busy family lifestyle.

Future-proof your investment

Perhaps your desire to upsize is more to do with what you might need down the track, such as space for a parent to move in with you, room for a nanny, or to accommodate frequent visitors?  You might even preemptively wish to secure a place near your preferred schools for your children. In such a case, you’ll want to make sure the property will work for you for many years to come. This means considering how it functions for different age ranges, how sound travels (or how you might space your toddler from your teenager or guests) and how the location will serve you now, and in future.

Location is key

Upsizing can mean looking to less desirable locations in order to afford the extra space. If you have the financial wiggle room, try to remember that pushing the budget for the sake of a smart location could be worth it, both in the immediate term, and when you come to sell. Location is a major dictator of the value of a property and can be the difference between a really good and really bad investment, often regardless of the property itself.

Want to upsize into a bigger home?All Higgins Homes developments are thoughtfully located in great London locations, and offer lots of room for your growing family or if you need a new work-from-home space.

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