Modern Slavery Act 2015


Mr Richard Higgins – Chairman


The Higgins Group PLC Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy Higgins Group PLC is committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery and human trafficking in our business or in our supply chain. The company is fully supportive of the initiative to extinguish modern slavery from the construction industry and to the principles of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and the promotion of transparent and ethical business practices.

The Higgins Group Structure

The Higgins Group is a wholly family owned construction and development business and the parent company of Higgins Partnerships 1961 PLC and Higgins Homes PLC with a combined turnover derived entirely from UK operations of approximately £194m and directly employing over 250 staff

Higgins Group Statement

This statement defines the strategies employed by Higgins Group PLC to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking from occurring in our business, or in our supply chain and in accordance with requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

In 60 years of trading we have developed strong relationships with our selected supply chain and they have a clear understanding of the standards we expect. Higgins Partnerships 1961 PLC operates an integrated management system designed in accordance with ISO 9001 and is audited by the BSI for compliance on a regular basis and the audit results reviewed by the Directors.

Potential new supply chain partners are reviewed through a PAS 91 aligned questionnaire and vetting process in order to be considered an established member of our supply chain. This process will include a review of key policies.

We have modified our site induction process for all persons presenting for work to include an invitation for any worker to raise personally and in confidence with the inductor any concern that they may have regarding their employment conditions whilst confirming their right to work in the United Kingdom. No one may work on our sites until they have been through this induction.

Furthermore, our Whistleblowing Policy provides a mechanism for our employees and others working in our supply chain to report suspected breaches of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 within the organisation.

We are providing training and support throughout the Higgins Group raising the awareness of the staff and supply chain to the issue of modern slavery and encourage reporting of any concerns throughout the business.

In addition, our sub-contracts now include a provision which demands that they are able to demonstrate to us that they have in place ethical, non-discriminatory and fair employment practices when engaging workers.

We are committed to the maintenance of our existing internal controls to address the issue of modern slavery and human trafficking and the continual review and improvement of our systems to ensure that our business dealings are undertaken ethically and with integrity.

This statement was approved on 24th March 2021 by the organisation's Chairman, Mr Richard Higgins