Bermondsey’s Top 5 Vegan Eateries for Veganuary

Posted 12/01/2024

Bermondsey, with its bustling streets and eclectic atmosphere, has increasingly become a haven for
plant-based enthusiasts seeking a variety of delicious vegan options. As Veganuary takes centre
stage with the arrival of the new year and many will be dipping their toe into the world of plantbased
eating, we explore five must-visit vegan eateries in and around foodie Bermondsey, each
offering comforting, creative and mouthwatering meals.

Plants of Roselyn

Thai food is one of the best and easiest ways to eat vegan as each dish commonly features whole,
plant-based, flavour-packed ingredients like ginger, chilli and citrus. Creamy curries are traditionally
made with coconut milk and are packed with fresh vegetables, lending themselves perfectly to a
healthy vegan diet. This Veganuary, Plants of Roselyn is showcasing just how exciting vegan food can
be with their special three course Veganuary tasting menu bursting with authentic, tropical Thai


With the prime location of Borough Market and created by the clever team behind one of London’s
best-loved Vegan eateries, Mildred’s, Mallow is another 100% plant-based restaurant with a focus
on sustainability. Dishes are seasonal, fresh, colourful and bursting with flavours from all over the
world, making Mallow a great place to explore a creative new way of eating. Sit in their chic, vibrant
interior and sample everything from miso-soaked shiitake mushrooms to a towering beetroot and
tempeh burger.

Rude N Boomin

Everyone loves a good sandwich, particularly when time is of the essence and you’re on the go.
However, it can be tough to find a vegan sandwich on the menu never mind good, fresh, homemade
options. Enter Rude N Boomin, a Kiwi-inspired cafe serving delicious toasted sandwiches and great
coffee. Vegan customers are catered for with fillings like spiced chickpea and spinach, smashed avo,
and peanut butter and banana, hugged together by thick, freshly made bread.

All That Falafel

Falafel has long been a best friend to vegan eaters, and All That Falafel is a firm favourite in London,
serving delicious homemade falafel wraps and lunch boxes of halloumi, salad, homemade hummus
and warm comforting balls of tasty falafel. If you find yourself hungry while on the go, this popular,
fuss-free haunt could easily become your go-to long beyond Veganuary.

Beza Ethio

Veganuary can be the perfect time to try something new, and with Ethiopean food traditionally packed with hearty, vibrant, plant-based ingredients, why not book a table at Beza Ethio and sample a traditional Ethiopean feast? The whole menu is vegan and while there may be foods you’ve never heard of before, the authentic way of eating is to scoop an array of different stews and spiced vegetable dishes from a sharing platter into warm traditional flatbreads, allowing you to sample the lot.

As plant-based eating grows in momentum, Veganuary gets simpler and more enticing to try each year, particularly with the diverse and unrivalled London food scene on your doorstep. Whether you find yourself hungry on the go, seeking a chic restaurant for dinner with loved ones or you’re feeling inspired to try new cuisines, these five eateries have you so well covered you may be converted to plant-based eating for good.

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