Your Style Guide to the Perfect New Year's Eve Party at Home

Posted 21/12/2023

As the countdown to the new year begins, there's no better way to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new than with a special New Year's Eve party in the comfort of your home. Get your nearest and dearest together and avoid the crowds and chaos by hosting your perfect New Year’s celebration, whether that’s a dazzling party of cocktails and sequins or a sophisticated dinner party with a Pinterest-worthy table setting.

Here is our guide to hosting a memorable night to ring in the new year:

1. More is more with NYE decor
Embrace opulence and go all out with your decor. Think metallics, sequins, and glitz galore. Deck out your space with shimmering curtains, oversized balloons, and luxurious table runners. Create a visual feast with layers of textures and colours that scream extravagance. The goal is to make every corner of your home a sparkling testament to the joy and anticipation of the upcoming year.

2. Chic table styling
Set the scene for a sophisticated feast with chic table styling. Get out your finest dinnerware, luxurious tablecloths, and statement centrepieces. Choose a colour scheme that complements your overall decor – perhaps gold and black for a classic touch or go bold with jewel tones for a more modern aesthetic. Don't forget to add a touch of glamour with personalised place cards, decorative napkin rings and why not include games or conversation prompts to get your guests mingling?

3. Designated instant photo area
Create a designated area for capturing memories with an instant photo ‘booth’. Set up a backdrop that aligns with your overall theme – it could be a glittering curtain, a balloon wall, or even a wall of fairy lights. Provide an array of props like quirky hats, feather boas, and oversized glasses. Encourage guests to take plenty of fun photos to immortalise the night's festivities together.

4. Festive late-night bites to keep the party going
Nobody is going home early on New Year's Eve, so keep the energy high with a spread of festive late-night bites. Offer a variety of sweet and savoury options, from mini sliders and gourmet pizza bites to decadent desserts and even a chocolate fondue fountain for added opulence. Consider creating a DIY nacho bar or a popcorn station with a selection of gourmet toppings. The key is to provide an indulgent culinary experience that feels special and keeps the celebration going well into the early hours.

5. Old-School Cocktail Party
Transport your guests back in time with an old-school cocktail party that Gatsby himself would be proud of. Serve up classic cocktails like martinis, negronis, and old fashioneds. Create a stylish bar area with crystal glassware, shakers, and a selection of premium spirits for the occasion. Encourage your guests to dress up, mingle and recreate the sophisticated charm of a bygone era for one spectacular night only.

6. Chilled Intention-Setting Night
If extravagant parties aren’t your thing, get your friends over and host a more chilled night at home, reflecting on the past year and creating New Years resolutions. Put up some simple fairy lights, light candles and create a cosy nook with blankets and cushions where guests can unwind and set positive intentions for the upcoming year. Providing journals or cards where guests can jot down their aspirations and thoughts adds a thoughtful touch to the evening's celebrations.

As you usher in the new year, remember that the key is to create a fun, immersive experience that creates special, lasting memories. From the dazzling decor to the festive bites and homemade cocktails, let every element contribute to the magic of the night. Cheers to welcoming a wonderful new year with your nearest and dearest.