Your Customer Journey with Higgins Homes

Posted 24/07/2023

Purchasing a home is a momentous milestone and Higgins Homes is a trusted name that has been creating exceptional residences for decades. With a customer-centric approach and a commitment to quality, Higgins Homes offers a remarkable customer journey that caters to the unique needs and preferences of each individual, offering a smooth, bespoke and stress-free experience.

When purchasing a beautiful new home through Higgins Homes, here’s what to expect right from the beginning your search, to turning the key.

1. Go to our website at to see each of our three new build developments in more detail.

2. Make an enquiry for your preferred development in any of the following ways:

  • By registration on the website at
  • By telephone 020 8498 6112 for Ecole, 020 8498 6110 for New Stratford Works, or 020 8498 6111 for The Garratt Collection
  • By email:, or
  • Through our social media channels or property portals

3. Once you have registered your interest in Higgins Homes, you will receive relevant information about the development you have enquired about, together with recommendations on solicitors and brokers, sent to you via email.

4. Then, once you have chosen a property you are interested in, one of our Financial Brokers will speak to you to personally assess your affordability and ensure that you are financially qualified to make the best possible decision regarding your future home purchase.

5. If you prefer to arrange a meeting with our experts, make an appointment to come and visit us at one of our two Marketing Suites - Ecole (open five days a week), The Garratt Collection (open seven days a week), to discuss your specific needs with the Sales Teams and decide on which home best suits you.

6. Secure your home with a £2,500 reservation fee.

7. We will process your reservation fee and complete a reservation form with you.

8. Update your solicitor on your selection and ask your broker to start the process of completing your mortgage application.

9. Once the reservation form is signed, a link will be sent to you to complete additional enquiries within 48 hours. At this stage, we will require details of your solicitor and financial broker.

10. A draft contract will be sent to your solicitor and the 28-day countdown to exchange begins. A valuation will be carried out by your lender in the interim, and you’ll be turning the key to your brand-new luxury home in no time. Avoid any unnecessary delays by staying in touch with your solicitor and broker during these 28 days to ensure that you can provide any additional information if requested.

The Higgins Homes customer journey is an invitation to embrace the future with confidence and excitement. From initial discovery to post-purchase care, every step of the customer journey has professionalism and attention to detail at the heart of it.

With a commitment to quality and a vision to create enduring communities and beautiful, modern-day homes, Higgins Homes remains a trusted partner for those embarking on the quest for a new dream home.