The Higgins Homes Customer Portal

Posted 10/08/2023

At Higgins Homes, we understand that the journey of homeownership doesn't end when you step through the front door. That's why we're thrilled to introduce you to the cutting edge Higgins Homes customer portal, powered by Spaciable.

Designed with your convenience in mind, this digital platform revolutionises the way you interact with your new home, putting a world of resources right at your fingertips...

1. Library for Digital Documents
The portal includes a digital repository where you can effortlessly view and download essential documents. From your homeowner's manual to appliance manuals, home warranty documents, and more, everything is organised neatly in one place. What's more, the portal lets you upload your personal documents for safekeeping, ensuring they're readily available whenever or wherever you need them.

2. Appliances Made Simple
No more frantic searches for appliance manuals. Find detailed information about each appliance in your home, complete with user manuals to assist with programming or troubleshooting. You will also have direct links to register the manufacturer's warranty online, ensuring your appliances are well-protected. The customer portal serves as your expert guide to maintaining and managing your appliances with confidence.

3. How-To Guides
Ever wondered how to keep your carpets spotless or save energy effectively? Look no further than the How To section of the portal. This collection of articles offers valuable insights and advice on personalising your home. From practical tips like moving in smoothly to creative lifestyle suggestions, such as adventurous recipes and decorating inspiration. The How-To guides empower you to transform your house into a personalised haven. Not only can you reduce bills, but you can also maintain that fresh new home sparkle effortlessly.

4. Stay Informed with Notifications
The digital age brings real-time convenience, and the notifications feature ensures you're always up-to-date. Upon receiving an email invitation, you can log into your personal portal, where you'll find essential homeowner content waiting for you. The portal becomes a communication hub, with staff using it to send important announcements. Each message or update will be delivered to your email and will also be accessible within your portal's inbox, once you're logged in. Easy.

5. FAQs: Swift Solutions at Your Fingertips
Curious about common home maintenance queries or need help troubleshooting appliances? The FAQs section of the customer portal offers quick solutions. This resourceful repository is your go-to source for answers to frequently asked questions. If further assistance is needed, you can turn to your homeowner's manual in the library section or use the contact details provided in the contacts section.

6. Easy Access to Key Contacts
For times when you need expert advice or assistance, key contacts are conveniently organised into categories, making it simple to find the help you need. From property management and
customer services, to home emergency helplines, utility suppliers, and even your local council. The customer portal ensures you have access to the right resources at the right time.

The Higgins Homes customer portal redefines the way you interact with your home. With a comprehensive suite of features, it transforms homeownership into an accessible and convenient journey. From documents and appliances, to expert advice and real-time notifications, this digital gateway empowers you to manage your property efficiently. So your home is truly at your fingertips, making every aspect of homeownership more convenient, informed, and enjoyable.