Internal Specifications of Higgins Homes Residences

Posted 06/11/2023

With over 55 years of experience in designing and constructing beautiful homes, Higgins
Homes has not only earned a well-respected name across London and the South East but
has also garnered numerous industry awards, solidifying its reputation for excellence.

Boasting an impressive portfolio that exudes modern elegance, sustainability and
practicality, each Higgins Homes property is a testament to the company's unwavering
commitment to superior craftsmanship and the finest materials available.

Our approach is simple: every Higgins Homes development is created with meticulous care
and an unwavering attention to detail. This commitment encompasses everything from
choosing desirable locations and crafting stand-out architectural designs to our impact on
the environment and the people involved in our projects, and the finishing touches that
make all the difference to our residences.

Built to last
Devoted to creating homes of long-lasting value, each Higgins Homes property is
constructed to stand the test of time. With a steadfast commitment to the highest building
standards, expert workmanship, and the use of premium materials, every home is
accompanied by a 10-year guarantee, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners.

Thoughtful design for modern lifestyles
Higgins Homes residences are designed to complement a modern, fast-paced,
contemporary way of life, featuring sleek and functional elements that effortlessly blend
into the surroundings. The inclusion of large, strategically positioned composite doubleglazed
windows amplifies natural light while minimising external noise, creating a tranquil
and relaxing living environment to enjoy after a busy day.

Sleek, functional kitchens
Understanding that the kitchen serves as the heart of every home, Higgins Homes
residences boast cutting-edge Bosch appliances that combine intuitive technology with
stylish aesthetics. Integrated multifunction electric ovens, sleek induction hobs, and
innovative storage solutions contribute to the functional yet contemporary characteristics of
the kitchens.

Luxurious bathrooms
The bathrooms and en-suites within Higgins Homes properties evoke a sense of luxury akin
to a boutique hotel getaway but with all the comforts of home. High-quality materials,
spacious showers, and sleek baths create an opulent ambience, while ventilation systems
and thermostatically controlled heated towel rails in chrome finish epitomise both
lavishness and practicality.

A sanctuary of comfort for work and leisure
Understanding that comfort is paramount in your home sanctuary, whatever the weather outside, Higgins Homes properties typically incorporate underfloor heating with zoned thermostats, a heat interface unit, and a customised app for each residence. Ensuring a personalised and cosy climate for optimum creature comfort.
With thoughtful layouts that feature open and light-filled spaces that maximise use of space and allow rooms to flow seamlessly, our properties are ideal for hosting friends and family without feeling cramped. Working from home is also comfortable and stress-free, thanks to properties being well-equipped for all your communication needs, including wiring for high-speed broadband and thoughtfully integrated sockets and USB points.

Safety and security at the forefront
Prioritising the safety and security of residents is of utmost importance. Higgins Homes residences are equipped with state-of-the-art smoke and heat detectors, fire sprinklers, and all homes are pre-wired for intruder alarm systems, to provide an additional layer of protection and peace of mind. Furthermore, communal facilities, including secure bike storage, promote an active and eco-friendly lifestyle, catering to the evolving needs of contemporary living.

Individual specifications of Higgins Homes residences may differ depending on development, but true to our unwavering brand ethos of quality, sustainability and style, all homes embody the essence of modern luxury living, seamlessly blending elegance with functionality to create a truly exceptional living experience.