Why The Reserve is the perfect location to live

Posted 31/03/2020

“I love the tranquillity and the beauty of nature here.”

“It’s the perfect location.”

Overlooking Lea Valley Country Park there’s nothing in front of us, just fields, forest and trees.  The two man-made ponds in our development attract animals like ducks, swans and deer, and the grounds as a whole are accessible and well-manicured.  They’ve planted each front garden with flowers, shrubs and trees, so it’s beautiful to be around.  In five minutes, we can conveniently travel to the shops, and being such a small development, I think this will grow into a lovely community. 

“The Reserve isn’t boring, or run of the mill, like the usual new development styles in England.”

The wood cladding on the spacious houses lends an almost Nordic aesthetic, and the size of the windows has a big impact.  In my house, the corridor window is floor to ceiling, and as I’m situated overlooking the valley the view is stunning.

“They were absolutely brilliant, supportive and friendly.”

To begin with they put me in touch with a mortgage adviser, which was absolutely outstanding.  Then, when I had to delay completion for a few months they gave me the time I needed so I was able to secure my dream home.

I’d definitely recommend Higgins Homes...

...because it's been such a breeze and a stress-free experience for a single mum buying a home.


Ms Dalene Wightwick, The Reserve