Reasons to Buy your new home at The Reserve

Posted 29/02/2020

“Before I purchased, I researched Higgins Home and I saw that they’d won an award for their new homes.  That gave me the reassurance I needed to buy, I felt they’d be a company who were keen to get things right.”

“As soon as I saw my house I knew it was a place I wanted to live.”

I’d heard some real horror stories about new builds that had lots of issues which people had to address, but the fact that Higgins Homes had won an award for their houses gave me the confidence to go ahead and buy my new home.  From the moment I saw my house I felt really comfortable and there was nothing that gave me any cause for concern.  It was also important that it felt a safe place to live and it certainly fits the bill, my neighbours are very friendly and it’s a lovely place to live.      

 “The homes aren’t the usual new builds, they’ve got a bit of a Scandinavian feel about them.”

For me the development has a bit of a Scandinavian feel, it feels fresh and at one with nature and that’s something I really like.  Everyone has their own parking so there are no cars on the street and that gives it a nice clean and tidy feel.  There’s also a wooded area next to The Reserve, along with a lake which all adds to the feeling of space.    

 “The sales and site teams were happy to help and explain everything that I needed to know.”

I wanted to make sure I chose the right home so I looked at more than one house.  The sales team remembered me when I went in and that made it all feel very personable.  When I decided to go ahead with my purchase, the team kept me up to date at each step and were very informative about what I had to do with regards to the legal aspect as well.  They were very helpful and proficient which made it all quite smooth.  The people in the site team were very informative as well and when they took me around me home, they explained everything about it so when I came in I didn’t feel as if I didn’t understand anything they’d imparted. 

 I’d definitely recommend Higgins Homes...

...because I’ve had a very good experience with the people working here. My home is lovely and I feel very settled.      

 Ms Catherine Roberts – The Reserve