Family upsize for independence for growing teens

Posted 23/09/2019

Anyone with older children will know that finding enough space for everyone is an on-going challenge. The dream house that you bought when the children were babies or toddlers often can’t cope with the demands of a growing family, especially when the kids become teenagers with interests and hobbies of their own.

For Mr and Mrs Khan and their two boys, Raihan and Zaahir, age 13 and 11, this was even more pressing when the boys said they wanted to be home-schooled. “We had 16 wonderful years in our previous home but it was time the boys had their own space,” says Sadia Khan. “They are home-schooled (a choice that they insisted upon as they felt mainstream school was not engaging them enough) but for this, space was crucial. The home we lived in was cosy but unfortunately, not enough room for them to be independent. Also, longer legs meant a bigger garden was needed.”

The family were originally living in Edmonton but as the area became busier, there were a number of factors that started to concern them. “Increased volumes and quantity of noise from traffic and pedestrians and unrelenting noise of police and ambulance sirens made it impossible to enjoy a quiet time out in the garden or sleep with the windows slightly open,” explains Sadia. “The concern for the growing number of crimes relating to house burglaries and car break-ins and theft and constantly having to look for parking were also things that really troubled us.”

The location also began to feel quite restrictive for the boys who wanted to be able to explore the countryside more. “The boys enjoy their technology but if it were a choice between going out for a walk or cycle, or just a nature trail and sitting with their game consoles, they would certainly choose the former,” adds Sadia. “It was disheartening when they asked us to go out for these activities and we knew it wasn’t very safe or there was nothing close by that you could just get up and go to.”

Once the couple decided to move, they looked on and off at a variety of different locations and property types. “Some of the developments were attractive but not conducive to our travelling to work, others had odd layouts that wouldn’t work for us and others just felt a bit off for a variety of reasons,” explains Sadia.

Just when they were on the verge of giving up entirely, after Googling for directions, the advert for The Reserve came up and Mohamed, the father, thought that they should take a drive up there that day to look.

The Higgins Homes development was created to meet the requirements of the modern family. With its stunning location adjacent to the Lea Valley Regional Park, in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, this tranquil environment offers the best of both worlds with commuting into London in just 26 minutes via a direct train line service. With ten house types on offer, there is something to suit a wide range of buyers.

“We first viewed the four-bedroom home and were taken aback by the size of the windows that allowed so much light through,” says Sadia. “Feeling hopeful about the layout and design, we thought that we might as well view the five-bedroom and immediately it felt like ‘home’. At that point, we knew that our search had stopped and if we didn’t get this home, then there was no point looking anywhere else. It was perfectly located next to a picturesque natural area with no traffic noises, no public walkthrough. Even the air smelt cleaner and fresher.”

Unfortunately, the time surrounding the house purchase was incredibly difficult for the family, as Sadia explains: “In the midst of it, we suffered a great loss. My father who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer passed away. It was tragic as he was on the road to recovery and within weeks he deteriorated. One of the main reasons why I wanted to buy the home was also for him. He always knew that we were going to get something bigger and better with a lovely garden for him to potter in.”

Just after this tragedy, the family also received the news that there was a problem with their part-exchange but the Higgins Homes team were not going to let this stop the family from getting their dream home. “Lisa, the manager at Higgins Homes was incredible. She stepped in to make sure that we were not going to miss out on the home that we set our heart on. They provided so much support and the fact that they didn’t just brush us away was amazing,” says Sadia. “They always made sure that all our questions were answered and I could also tell that they will be willing to go a step further. It also didn’t just end when the keys were handed over. For the first time in my life, I was so completely distracted when leaving home this morning, that I had left my keys in the front door, unlocked. You can imagine my horror when I reached work and realised this. I called Becky at Higgins as I knew she was just around the corner. Without even hesitating, she popped over to mine, checked for intruders and locked up and immediately called to reassure me that everything was well.”

Inside each house, smart design ensures that the home can be adapted as the family grows. From nurseries, through to play rooms and teenage dens, the space lends itself to many different uses. The living, kitchen and dining areas seamlessly flow throughout the ground floor creating a hub for eating, doing homework, watching a movie or entertaining. The bi-fold doors to the garden bring the beauty of the outside in.

“The home is perfect as it is, that’s why we loved it,” says Sadia. “The indoor space, room sizes and location are spot on and our only plans are to add to the garden. The boys are requesting a trampoline, bouncy castle and a swimming pool but we have pointed out to them that there is a lake very close by. We are considering a hot tub, firepit and waterfall as long as it is solar powered, but overall it is just so great to be settled. It feels like it’s not just bricks and plaster but a new family member that we want to care for.”

Prices start from £650,000 for a five bedroom , three bathroom house. The marketing suite is open at Limes Avenue Waltham Cross. For more information, visit, call 01992 714528 or email