“I’m happy that Higgins Homes has gone for quality and space, rather than quantity.”

Posted: 24 July 2017 by Higgins Homes

“The well thought out space in the apartments and around the buildings themselves is much more generous than in other new build developments I’ve seen before.”

Generally, there’s a feeling that you have room.  The buildings haven’t been crammed in and there’s just the right amount of blocks on the development, so my neighbours aren’t two feet away staring into my window.   There are certainly other areas that they could have built on, but they chose not to.  Inside, it’s light and bright, especially in the communal areas with the big, floor to ceiling windows.


“Some developments are designed to follow current trends that will be dated quite quickly, but the Oval Quarter looks like it will stand the test of time.”

Inside the apartment, they’ve provided excellent white goods, fixtures and fittings, and that quality carries through to the communal areas, the entry system and the well maintained green space outside.  It’s still being finished off at the moment, but everything that’s been completed looks really good.  The structure is a traditional brick build, rather than having boarding on the exterior that wouldn’t look as high quality, so aesthetically it will always be attractive.


“Oval Quarter is well connected.”

There are a variety of options available either a short walk, a bus ride or a tube ride away.  Having access to Brixton, Clapham, Camberwell and The City, there are a lot of restaurants, lunch spots, bars and gyms in easy reach.  As this area is being developed and a lot of people will be moving in, I expect they will also be thinking of adding more on the development as well.


“There’s already a common group set up here that you can be a part of, and that has your best interests at heart.”

The residents here are like-minded, and of a similar age and professional situation.  That means it’s generally quiet and peaceful, and it feels like a community.  A neighbourhood residents’ association was already set up before we moved in, and they have meetings that we’re all interested in, like making sure we’re getting the best deal with the energy supplier. It’s nice to have that collective support and input.


I’d definitely recommend Higgins Homes...

...because overall the homes we have seen here are better than homes we have seen with other developers.


Miss Katherine Neal, Oval Quarter



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