Florals in February - Flowers for your home.

Posted: 1 February 2016 by Higgins Homes

Flowers are the ultimate interiors accessory – available in an enormously broad range of colours, shapes and themes and changing with the seasons. You can completely alter the tone of a room by introducing an arrangement of deep red roses or the crisp white scent and shapes of calla lilies. While many of us write flowers off as purely a summer ‘thing,’ other than the odd bunch of daffodils, we really are missing a trick. If you want your interiors to feel contemporary and complete then year round florals are ideal. There are some great options for February florals – here are a few ideas for inspiration.



This is, of course, the month of Valentine’s Day and that means that roses are everywhere. The classic deep, red rose is a striking choice for a dining room, whether you opt for a simple vase or a more contemporary geometric arrangement. Roses don’t just come in red shades though – pink tea roses are perfect for an English country garden feel or pale yellow is a reminder of the coming spring.



February is a great month for fans of lilies as there are all sorts of varieties in season at this time of year. Bold, pink stargazer lilies, elegant calla lilies and striking African lilies are ideal for large spaces or somewhere that you want to make a definitive floral statement. As single stems or in large bunches, lilies are chic, seasonal and have tons of dramatic appeal.


Alstromeria and gerbera

If colour is what you’re looking for from your floral arrangements then gerbera and alstromeria are the perfect seasonal choice. With its large, oversize daisy-like head, the alstromeria is a charming bloom and the variety of bold shades, from mustard yellow to hot pink gives it a rainbow versatility. Slightly subtler, alstromeria tends to come in pinks, yellows and oranges and looks best in bunches with the delicate, petals interspersed with green.



The Iris is a striking flower, not just because of the pureness of the color but the contrast of the shades on the petal – bright yellow encircled by a tone of blue. Iris arrangements look great alone or matched in bouquets with other flowers and the Iris has a unique elegance about it that makes it easy to place.


If you don’t have time to shop for florals for you home then why not have flowers delivered by the week or by the month. That way you’ll always have the perfect floral compliment to your interiors.

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