The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Posted: 10 July 2015 by Higgins Homes

Moving house is one of the most stressful life events, so much so that it’s ranked up there with losing a loved one or getting divorced. However, you can organise your move so that it runs as efficiently as possible, to minimise hassle and help keep blood pressure down – just use our ultimate moving checklist. 

2 months to go

- Start clearing out. You might think there’s plenty of time but the run up to a move goes very quickly. Begin by getting rid of everything you’re not taking with you, whether you’re throwing things out, selling them or passing them on to new homes. Don’t assume you’ll have time to do this next month when you’re packing, you won’t.

- Use a floor plan and work out where furniture will go, what furniture you need to buy, what you’re taking with you and what needs to be disposed of in advance. Do you need to book storage for items that won’t fit? Are you ordering hand made furniture that takes months to be delivered?

- Get some quotes from movers and find one that works for you in terms of both service and cost. 

- Draft a moving budget and work out how much you will need and when.

1 month to go

 - Do you need to make any special arrangements for a family pet during the move? I.e. boarding kennels, a new vet, a new walking service. 

- Find out how much notice you have to give of a move for all your utilities and set this up. Normally notice periods range from two weeks to a month.

- Book an internet installation for the day of your move, or the day after depending on how essential it is for you to be online straight away.

- Create an inventory of all your belongings and start packing up important documents. Shred all the paper that you don’t need to take (e.g. bank statements).

- Start packing items that you’re not going to use between now and the move – non-seasonal clothes, for example. Make sure you’ve ordered enough packing materials and worked out how you will transport fragile items. 

Week of the move

- Set up a postal redirect for your new address to start the day before the move – that way you can leave changing your addresses until you’re settled. You need to do this at least three days in advance.

- Dismantle and pack furniture unless you’re paying someone to do this.

- Start packing everything else – some people find it useful to work from one room to the other or the top down. Create a box of essentials that contains all the key paperwork and items you’ll need immediately before you’ve unpacked (kettle, teabags, milk, dog food, clothing, toothbrush etc).

- On the day of the move take your meter readings, protect the carpets and door frames if you’ve got bulky or messy items to get out of the house, make sure you’ve labeled boxes so the movers know where to put them when they get to the other end, and get the number for the nearest pizza delivery to your new home – dinner needs to be quick and easy and move-proof!

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