Summer Decoration Tips

Posted: 30 March 2015 by Higgins Homes

Summer decoration

Summer is just around the corner now – the days are longer and brighter and you can feel the warmth in the air. That means a spring clean of your home and perhaps of your décor too. If you want to give your interiors a lift for summer then here are a few tips on how to do it:

Minimise – sometimes it can be interesting to take a view on your home as if it were a holiday home. What kind of interiors would you like to be spending the summer in if you were going away? Normally, this means introducing large light sources, brightening up the colors of curtains, cushions and furniture and putting heavy accessories and furnishings away until the colder months and the desire to hibernate returns.

Get outside – even in the UK the summer offers the opportunity to get al fresco and enjoy BBQs and garden parties or just afternoons lazing on the lawn. Invest in some good looking, comfortable patio and garden furniture this year, think about outdoor lighting for the evenings and investigate al fresco dining furniture to make the best use of outside space.

Rearrange your view – during the winter we all tend to look inwards, at fires or films, the pages of a book or a hearty meal. During the summer months when everything is in bloom it’s the perfect time rearrange the focus of your rooms towards windows through which you can see blossom, gardens and sunshine.

Out with the old – when the summer sun arrives it tends to illuminate just about everything, from chips in porcelain through to stains on the sofa. This is a great time to give your old furniture a creative make over, whether you spray paint old tables, re-upholster your chairs or introduce new colour schemes with a fresh coat of paint.

Art attack – during the summer we tend to want to look at brighter shades and these are the colours that best reflect the weather around us (hopefully). Store art that you’ve collected that is made up of dark winter hues safely away for the summer months and bring out pieces in sunshine colours instead. If you want to invest in new art without spending a fortune then browse car boot sales, have a look on auction sites or find a creative friend who might want to help you fill your bare walls with summer brights.

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