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Posted: 5 November 2015 by Higgins Homes

The ‘EC’ postcode covers some of the most exciting and lively parts of London, which is why it’s such a hot destination for those looking to live right at the heart of the city. It’s an area of constant evolution and change, where you’ll find the latest pop ups, the most exciting events and an ongoing spread of establishments serving everything from the finest burgers in London to the most exotic coffees. Here are just a few reasons why the EC area is well worth exploring as a residential destination.


There are plenty of individual local shopping destinations within this postcode, as well as three of London’s most famous markets – Exmouth Market, Old Spitalfields market and Smithfield. From art and fashion through to the latest food bites and flowers these markets provide plenty of choice for a weekend wander or as somewhere to pick up provisions too.


EC1 offers a rich and varied shopping landscape, from vintage finds at the markets through to bespoke fashion and enviable interiors. Everything from stationary through to high street brands, musical instruments and high end toiletries is to be found in this part of London – there may not be a Selfridges here but you won’t be disappointed when it comes to what is on offer (and the department stores are only a short Tube ride away if you are). This is also the place to come for the hottest fashion labels and emerging designers – East London is a hot spot for the cutting edge.

Eating out

Want the best bagels in London at 4am? Looking for Michelin starred, innovative dining from the most exciting new chefs? You’ll find all this in EC1 as well as plenty more in between. This part of London lacks nothing when it comes to culinary delights and if you’re a foodie you’ll be in heaven with the wide range of delis and milk bars, cereal cafes and haute cuisine on offer.

Hidden spots

What many people find the most alluring about EC1 is that you can always expect the unexpected here – this is where people often come to try out concepts and ideas, this part of London is a breeding ground for genius, individual and unusual developments. Want a manicure in the replica of the inside of a plane? Tick. Want to play ping-pong on a date? Tick. Looking to taste a wild variety of cocktail flavours while listening to smooth jazz surrounded by hipsters with beards? Tick, tick, tick. All you need to do is take a sense of adventure with you.

If EC1 appeals for your new property search, East Central offers quintessential London living in the heart of the action.

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