Popular Kitchen Styles of 2015

Posted: 24 July 2015 by Higgins Homes

Feel like you’ve been neglecting your kitchen? There has never been a more perfect time to give it a refresh as 2015 has seen some fantastically creative and exciting designs for this hub of the home. Get inspired by some of the most popular kitchen styles of the year below.

Open shelving

Kitchens have traditionally been defined by cabinet and cupboard doors that hide everything away, and clever storage solutions that ensure that plates, saucepans etc are thoroughly disguised. This year, aesthetics have moved towards a more open design with shelving without doors, often constructed in long, display style shapes. 

Textural healing

Textures are making a big impact in kitchens in 2015 – gone are the days when all anyone wanted was wooden cabinets and sleek marble worktops. If you want to give your kitchen an overhaul that will really feel different then try introducing more tactile and touchable materials. Wood, marble and granite are likely to still remain but without the sleek, smooth finish – instead, opt for these materials in their raw, undoctored form.


Many of us have only just got over the idea of putting wallpaper in the bathroom but now kitchens are getting the papered over treatment too. And we’re not talking something beige and uninteresting, kitchen wallpaper styles for 2015 are big, bold, bright and most likely intensely patterned. Even if you only have a small space for your kitchen, papering a wall is a great way to give it a definitive character and style. 

Metallics with a luxury edge

We’re used to seeing metal in kitchens – normally of the stainless steel variety – but in 2015 the kind of metals are of the precious variety. Obviously, few of us are extravagant enough to get an entire kitchen kitted out in real gold but shades of gold, as well as copper and bronze are already big this year. Apply to everything from countertops and lights through to sinks and recesses.

Bright shades

Although kitchens have attracted color before, few have been bold enough to venture into the juicy bright shades that are popular in 2015. Everything from coral to turquoise is appearing in kitchens, giving perhaps the dullest room in the house the opportunity to really shine. Cabinets are of course the easiest place to start if you’re going to opt for this trend – pick a color and then upgrade the shade to the boldest and brightest version you can find.


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