Packing Essentials When Moving Home

Posted: 14 February 2015 by Higgins Homes

Packing tips

When you have an entire home to move from one property to another, packing can feel like a momentous task. We always collect more possessions than we think we have but it doesn't have to be a nightmare. We've listed below the basics for getting your packing spot on, as well as a few expert tips to save you time and stress.

Pack per room and start from the top down. There's nothing worse as a packing strategy than simply hurling yourself at the nearest pile of 'stuff' getting distracted and starting on something else and then leaving everything half finished. Methodically work your way from rooms at the top of the house down and pack one room at a time. Label everything clearly with the name of the room it has come from so it all ends up in the right location at the other end.

Prepare an 'essentials' box. In the rush of the move you're unlikely to get all your belongings unpacked at the other end by the end of move day so pack and essentials box for the first 24-48 hours. This should include items like the kettle, toothbrush and towels, a change of clothes, food for the first night or so, light bulbs and any urgent supplies like baby food or pet food.

Don't skimp on your packaging. Use plenty of packing materials, particularly when you're dealing with valuables. Newspaper and packing peanuts can be used to cushion items that are precious and be sure to label boxes 'fragile' where necessary. Pack your valuables together in a couple of boxes that you can keep an eye on, rather than spread through the entire van load.

Don't take what you don't need. Before you start packing it's often a good idea to start by throwing away as much as you can. There's simply no need to take things with you that you don't want anymore so throw out old clothes, CDs you don't use, kitchenware that has never been touched or even furniture that is just taking up space. If you want to make some cash while you're doing it then try a yard sale or putting things on eBay.

Time is everything¦ probably the most important packing tip of all is that you need to start at least twice as early as you think you do. Packing up a home always takes much longer than you think it will so allow for plenty of time the situation you want to avoid is being surrounded by empty boxes and piles of unpacked possessions when the movers arrive.

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