Maintaining Your Garden Through Winter

Posted: 24 January 2015 by Higgins Homes


Gardens are wonderful things to have and offer beauty all year round, just so long as they are taken care of. Winter may seem harsh but it has its benefits and is a great opportunity to clear away the remnants of autumn and create sanctuaries for wildlife. Here are a few ways to ensure your personal green space is well maintained throughout the winter months and ready to blossom again come spring.

Potted Plants Be aware that frost will cause terracotta and clay pots to break, so your best option is to move the pots inside for the duration of freezing temperatures. Most perennials are far happier in the ground with their roots well insulated. So to save losing some of your beloved plants, take the time to rehome them – even if you plan on re-potting them in the spring. Alternatively, plants in plastic pots can go straight into the ground, still in their pots.

Prune Your Shrubs Pruning is an essential means of encouraging healthy growth in shrubs. Roses are particularly in need of a thorough prune and shape before the frost hits. Start by removing any dead or diseased branches, then cut back sections that rub against each other as well as any particularly long branches.

Protect Your Herbs Herbs are particularly prone to frost damage and are even more of a loss if you use them for cooking. French lavender, bay, olive and myrtle can be brought under cover or near the house if they are in containers. If not, cover them with garden fleece. Cloches are also a good option and will help to keep thyme nice and leafy.

Provide for the Wildlife Birds are especially fond of being given a helping hand during the winter months, thanks to our urban landscapes changing their natural environment. Basic bird food is cheap to buy and readily available. Putting out some water when natural resources are frozen is also valuable. You can create a little haven for minibeasts too, with leaf piles and grass cuttings in quiet corners. Take a look at our current and future developments, many of which have private gardens.      

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