Interior Design Trends for 2015

Posted: 27 January 2015 by Higgins Homes

Aqua Vista

As we welcome in the New Year, it's time to say 'hello' to the new design trends that have been waiting in the wings, ready to takeover our homes and offices. The main themes predicted to grace our walls and furnishings in 2015 are as varied as ever, with a common focus on classic luxury and versatility in function. Colour masters at Pantone have revealed their own forecasts for the coming months, and the list is diverse.

It ranges from the neutral, pastel palate to complete abstraction and with everything in between. Animal prints are continuing to stand their ground but in a seemingly more subtle and stylish manner than the bygone era of sleazy bachelor pads and 90's Spice Girl-inspired less-than-chic. Retro, classic and contemporary are all on the horizon but this time the emphasis is on multifunctional space something that London flat dwellers will understand only too well. Even Mr. Yo! Sushi is rolling out his own collection of high-tech, affordable multi-storey living spaces, complete with sunken sofa areas and beds that come down from the ceiling.

Another trend that has taken the world by storm in recent times is the art of 'up-cycling.' Second-hand chic is proving to have some staying power and is certainly playing on people's creativity. It's also great for the environment and ensures a truly unique design. This year will see more of the recycled goods, blended with a little romanticism for a more classical look. Watercolour and all things opal are also due to make a comeback. This time, we expect beautiful, floaty fabrics and stylish floral prints, paired with all things milky and dreamlike. Over-the-top froufrou however, is to be left at the door. It's all about soft shapes and fluid lines.

But if flowers and bright colours just aren't your thing then how about taking it back to basics with some solid, earthy tones and simple interiors that focus more on gentle texture and palate than giving anyone a headache. Think soft pastels with greys and blacks and all things au naturel all incredibly calming and relatively risk-free - great for more contemporary spaces. Each and every Higgins Home is finished to exceptional standards and is just waiting to be personalised.

Take a look at some of our current and future developments to see where your inspiration lies.

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