How To Transform Your Small Outdoor Space For Summer

Posted: 24 June 2015 by Higgins Homes

Outdoor space

An outdoor space is a wonderful luxury during the summer months and no matter how small your al fresco area, there’s plenty that you can do to turn it into a useful and aesthetically pleasing environment. Whether you’re looking to create a summery grotto or create some cool east London rooftop vibes, here are a few tips on making your outdoor space your own. 

Think about storage

Decking, lighting and a state of the art BBQ might be top of your list for your outside space this summer but give a thought to storage too. If you’re pushed for space then clever storage can make all the difference. For example, try a storage bench – it provides essential seating as well as somewhere to hide a hose, garden tools and BBQ charcoal.

Have a statement feature

When you’re planning a space it can be useful to introduce something into the area that acts as a focal point for the eye of anyone entering it. A fire pit is a great option – contemporary and cool, small and easy to install and something that makes a big impact, style wise, as well as being functional too.

Under your feet

If you don’t have a huge amount of space then you need to try and make it feel as open and sizeable as possible. Sometimes flooring, for example decking, can have the opposite effect and can be expensive to install in an awkwardly shaped area. Gravel is a great option as it looks good and lets excess water run off quickly so that you don’t get soggy toes. Similarly paving stones are another easy option. Beware of using grass to fill your space, you will need to cut it regularly and if you’re short on space it will be difficult to make room for a mower.

Opt for easy care

Small gardens and terraces benefit from features that look great all the time and that means choosing easy care plants and flowers. It’s so simple to create a space filled with low maintenance evergreens or plants like cactus that are incredibly hard to kill and there are lots of great colorful varieties to choose from. Lavender, lilacs, ornamental grasses and herbs like thyme are fragrant, gorgeous and require very little care.

Hang your plants

If you want an outdoor space filled with flowers and greenery, but you don’t have a lot of soil or floor on which to plant or place pots, then go for hanging instead. You can choose traditional hanging baskets and planters or create something bespoke for your space – the smaller it is the less the cost is likely to be.

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