How to Make the Most Out of a Spare Room

Posted: 7 August 2015 by Higgins Homes

In a property market where space is at a serious premium, a spare room is a much sought after space. However, as it’s the least important room in the house in terms of those we need to use on a daily basis, it is often neglected. Whether you’re looking to create an awesomely designed space that gives the rest of the home a lift, or you want to make your spare room really useful, there are some great options for making the most out of this much underrated space.


Make it a storage space

By this, we don’t mean throwing everything you can’t find a home for into your spare room and shutting the door. Space saving solutions are perfect for spare rooms that need to provide you with storage and allow you to still use the room for other purposes too If you’ve always wanted a dedicated shoe closet, perhaps it’s time to create one. Look at a bed that has storage space underneath for sheets and towels or opt for fitted cupboards.


Turn it into a hybrid

Many people suffer the indecision of whether to make a spare room a functional office space or a great guest bedroom. Well, the good news is that you don’t have to choose because there are easy ways to do both. For true multipurpose style buy a sofa bed or fold down bed, instead of having the bed as a permanent feature, and buy a desk that can also double up as a dressing table. For your office tech (such as printers etc), invest in storage that hides it behind doors or inside drawers.


 Add a new purpose room

If your spare room is just sitting empty and you have no real desire to make it either a bedroom or an office then consider what space your home really lacks and then convert it. If the kids would benefit from a den then why not give them their own shared space while you’re able to? If you’re considering a home beauty business or something similar then perhaps this could be a great treatment room. Or maybe you really need to create a space that’s totally out of bounds to the rest of the family and just yours, it’s up to you.


A spare room can be somewhere convenient, functional, inspirational or even a little bit of a haven – it all depends what you choose to do with it.


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