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Posted: 6 February 2015 by Higgins Homes

home staging

Home staging is basically the art of laying out your home in a way that is going to make it the most attractive to buyers. It may sound like an unnecessary level of detail but it's those details that are going to get the offers on the table so don't skimp on them. If you want some help selling your property then try these home staging tips for size.

De-clutter. This is home staging tip Number 1 every time. Clutter will not only make rooms feel smaller and prevent buyers from seeing some of your property's best features but it will also ensure your home feels like your home. What you want to do is present a property that a buyer could also see themselves living in so getting rid of all the overly personal clutter is a very important step. This goes for cleaning too it's very difficult for a buyer to see past greasy curtains, mouldy grouting and streaky windows so clean up to present your property in the best possible light.

Don't waste your space. If you have a room whether it's the garage, a spare bedroom or a utility room that is currently dead space because it's not being used then you're not properly staging your home. It doesn't take much to give a room purpose and this will add value to your property too. Look at the lights. Just like on an actual stage, the lighting you opt for can be incredibly important with respect to staging your home for selling. If your lights create a subtly warm and welcoming atmosphere then buyers will feel instantly at home; anyone walking into a room full of strip lights is unlikely to have the same experience. It's also worth remembering to introduce lights that flatter your space rather than those that simply highlight all the faults. Some details work better than others. Obviously a buyer is going to find a new kitchen more appealing than an old one or a 1960s bathroom suite a bit of an eyesore.

However, did you know that there are some small changes you can make that will significantly increase the overall appeal of your property? For example, buyers prefer stainless steel appliances new kitchen appliances of any sort are a big hit too hardwood floors are universally loved and in the bathroom buyers go mad for pedestal sinks. Design your interiors. This doesn't mean spend an enormous amount of cash redesigning your home but instead really think about what makes up your rooms. Neutral décor always works better with buyers, as long as there are warm touches such as a cleverly placed photograph or a statement painting. However, you can play carefully with colours avoid the more extreme reds and blues and introduce subtle hues instead. Place furniture to ensure the space feels roomy, use mirrors to widen out small rooms and coordinate colour schemes to give the whole interior a sense of continuity.

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