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Posted: 1 June 2015 by Higgins Homes

Saving energy

When it comes to saving money, it’s the pennies that can make all the difference – as the old saying goes, ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.’ If you want to start making some essential cutbacks to household spending then squeezing more money out of your energy spend is a great way to do it. Here are a few tips on how to save energy in your home and reduce those pesky energy bills.

Turn your thermostat down

Many people roll their eyes at this suggestion – it’s just not practical to sit there shivering in the depths of winter just to shave a few pence off your fuel bill, right? Well actually you don’t have to suffer for this one as all you need to do is turn the thermostat down by 1°C and you could save as much as £60. Put on a jumper, turn it down a little more and save even more.

Make your home work for you, energy-wise

This could be something like leaving the oven door open if you’ve been slow cooking meat for ages so the warmth from the oven can heat the air around. Keep your fridge and freezer stocked up so that they use less energy and use the right sized hob for the right sized pan when cooking so that you’re not wasting any precious heat.

Do some maintenance

It’s amazing the amount of energy that we lose in the home as a result of poorly maintained fixtures and fittings. Fix your taps to stop them dripping, make sure the boiler is regularly serviced and working at its correct capacity and fill in holes around window frames to prevent air from escaping. Take a few temporary measures too, for example investing a draught excluder to keep the heat in the room where you are.

Upgrade your shower

We all love a power shower but the reality is that you can use as much water in the course of a five-minute power shower as it takes to fill up a bath – and that has to be heated. Install energy-efficient shower heads and faucet aerators to reduce both energy and water bills without ruining your shower experience.


You can lose up to 35% of the heat from a house if it’s not properly insulated. Savings from insulation are in the hundreds of pounds so this one is significant. If you’re struggling to afford to insulate, the big energy supplies are often able to offer energy grants to meet the cost.


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