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Posted: 17 March 2015 by Higgins Homes

Aqua Vista II living room

There has been a big trend for neutral colours and minimal design in recent times – which can be helpful if you’re looking to sell your house or you want a change from previously bold décor – but it feels like many of us have forgotten the value of the feature. Creating features in your home perfectly illustrates the way in which you can make your home feel unique, no matter which room you’re looking at. If you want to give your home some fresh style – and an injection of personality – then consider introducing some of the features below.

A feature wall – choose a ‘good’ wall for this i.e. one that is plain and uninterrupted by doors or windows, reflecting a decent light source. Choose some wallpaper, a colour shade or a furnishing to make the focal point, preferably one that compliments the rest of the room even if it doesn’t match it. For a really unusual look consider the optical illusion of a trompe l’oeil, which can give a two dimensional image 3D effect.

A statement mirror – for some reason a statement mirror is always viewed as a sign of extreme decadence, particularly if it has an especially grand design or is pretty sizeable. This makes it an easy way to give a room a bit of grandeur, as well as being a useful technique for opening up a space as it will reflect light. Choose a mirror that has the same style as the rest of your interiors – or opt for a design that is a complete contrast – but make sure that it’s a bold statement as that’s what a feature should be.

On the floor – home statements don’t have to be limited to your walls as there are some very exciting flooring options too. From colourful Persian rugs through to bathroom floor tiles in juicy bright shades, it’s easy to make the flooring your feature piece. A recent trend we have seen that firmly puts the spotlight onto the floor is mosaic – whether you use these tiny tiles and stones to create patterns or images introducing a mosaic to an area of your floor gives a room real gravitas.

Photos and art – make a feature from your collection of family photos and cluster them on one wall, up to 10 in one go depending on the size. Not only does this introduce a fresh and modern aesthetic but it’s a great way to make a focal point of your loved ones that is personal and will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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