Big City or Outer Suburb – Which is right for you?

Posted: 17 July 2015 by Higgins Homes

When you’re looking to buy a property, the location is key. Do you opt for somewhere with all the advantages of a city centre location, from the transport connections to entertainment on the doorstep, or do you opt for somewhere outside of the big smoke with better schools and more of a community vibe? If this is a dilemma you’re struggling with, then we’re here to help.

Inner city living

…is something that many people aspire to. Choosing to put down roots in the centre of a town means that you’re going to be within easy reach of everything that city has to offer, whether it’s getting home to start the weekend after a hard week at work or access to the best flat white on a Saturday morning. Transport connections tend to be quick and easy, taxi fares home are affordable and you don’t have to face the suburban commuter crush or leave at 5am just to get to work on time. You’ll have access to everything that the city has to offer, from parks and sports facilities through to theatres, clubs, bars and restaurants, art galleries and events.

Looking for the London Life? Take a look at East Central in Clerkenwell for city living in luxury one or two bed apartments in one of the coolest parts of London. London is literally your oyster with these properties, whether you’re into the hipster arts scene of the east end or you’re working in the City.

Suburban properties

…have a lot to offer too and perhaps one of the biggest attractions for many people is space. Overcrowded city isn’t always ideal for a growing family. Yes you might have to travel a bit further to entertainment or work but you’ll probably have your own parking space and many suburban areas have much more of a community feel than the anonymity of the city. What’s better is living in the beauty of the country doesn’t have to come with an almighty commute. Arboretum, Epping in Essex is a well laid out community of spacious properties, including a number of houses, with the cosmopolitan style of being close to the city with all the advantages of space, great activities and good schools that the suburbs bring.


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