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Posted: 3 April 2015 by Higgins Homes

art for home

As many of us discover year after year, interior design is actually not as easy as it looks. One of the most difficult elements to get right is the art you choose for your walls – you might intend it to be a striking feature but so often it can feel out of place or just ‘not right.’ That’s why we’ve put together some hints and tips on how to overcome the challenge of finding the right art for your home.

1. Wait until you’ve got some cash to spare. While you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands on a masterpiece it is worth waiting until you can buy art of the quality that you want. ‘Compromise art’ probably won’t work with the rest of your home and you’ll most likely feel irritated every time you look at it.

2. Buy to invest. It’s worth putting some research into your art purchases before you hand over any cash to find out whether there are any hot up and coming artists within your price range. There’s something very satisfying about watching art just sit and appreciate in value on your wall.

3. But buy what you love. Investment pieces are all very well but if you hate them and want to cover them with a sheet then that’s half the joy of art for your home gone straight away. Choose pieces that make you feel something, in colour palettes that you appreciate, whether for their bright colours or their dark emotions – go to museums and art galleries to get an idea of the styles and artists that you might want for your interiors.

4. Understand what makes art expensive. Yes, names like Picasso, Hurst, Warhol tend to add considerably to the price tag of a piece of art but even if you’re not shopping in that kind of arena you still need to know what factors are likely to make your art choices pricier. One of a kind pieces, art that is bought from galleries – rather than from individuals, dealers or retailers – and work on canvas (rather than paper) all tend to be more expensive. For some artists, work produced during a certain period in their careers will also push up the price.

5. Appreciate it. When you’ve spent all that time and money on art then make sure you have the space to appreciate it. Light it properly and hang it somewhere it can be loved, whether that’s opposite your favourite easy chair or in a position where visitors can marvel at it as soon as they come through the door.

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