7 Unique Home Office Solution Ideas

Posted: 19 August 2015 by Higgins Homes

Many people make the mistake of assuming that a home office needs to be a purely functional room with just a few basic features. In fact, the more thought you put into making your home office an inspiring and creative space, the more effective it is likely to be. Below are some ideas to make your home office work for you.

Bold wallpaper can keep your brain fresh

Sometimes there’s just nothing worse than staring at a blank wall all day – it’s bland, lacking in inspiration and a bit intimidating. Make your home office space pop by choosing a bold wallpaper that is positioned in the direction in which you’re going to be looking. Go for statement prints, colors that inspire you or patterns that have significance.

The chair

What you sit in can have an impact not just on your posture but your work product too. Choose something that is comfortable, supportive and well made but a chair that also gives you a sense of purpose – whether that’s a vintage leather design or ergonomic contemporary style.

Have a theme

Yes you can create a home office with a Gentleman’s Club theme and other traditional styles but you don’t have to stick to these more conventional options. Why not theme your home office around an icon who inspires you, a place you love or an aspiration that is the goal of all the work that you’re putting in to your career? Photos and pictures, furniture and furnishings can all be coordinated to your chosen theme, whether it’s Tuscany or the Thames!

Choose an appropriate space

There’s just no point creating a home office in the middle of a busy kitchen. You need to opt for somewhere with a sense of calm where you will be able to concentrate.

Be organised

Especially if you’re working with a small space, being organised is key for a successful home office. Invest in some stylish storage solutions instead of the usual ‘In tray’ or desk tidy. Be innovative with your space, whether that means introducing shelves or under-furniture storage.

No space is too small

The home office is a versatile feature and you don’t need an entire room in which to create one. If you have an unused built in wardrobe you can even turn this into a home office – just add a desk, shelves and a chair to use when the doors are pulled back. If you only have an area in a room then make it feel entirely distinct as a workspace with design that separates work from leisure space.

Don’t forget the lighting

Smart lighting can make a big impact so choose yours carefully for a home office space. If you don’t have natural light then make sure you have desk lamps and table lamps that illuminate the essential areas. If you need glamorous inspiration invest in a chandelier or statement lighting piece.


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