5 Signs You’re Ready To Move Home

Posted: 6 July 2015 by Higgins Homes

Moving home

If you’re feeling a little restless where you are and you’re just not sure what is causing it then it might simply be that it’s time for a change, property-wise. Moving to somewhere new – an exciting central London location or a quieter property on the outskirts – and somewhere that you can really make your own, can re-energise you and open you up to whole new areas of London that you didn’t even know existed. Here are five signs that it might be time to consider making the jump:

Your finances are in good shape.

Whether you’ve had debts to deal with, credit cards to pay off, or savings to build up, when you reach the point at which you’re more in the black than in the red - then this is a good sign. No longer having that sinking feeling whenever your rent is due is a good indication that you might be ready to take the next step.

You want to commit.

Reaching a time in your life when you want a degree of permanence can be a key indicator that it’s time to move to somewhere that’s all yours. Even if a property is the only thing you’re ever able to commit to, you’ll find it a rewarding and faithful investment!

Your credit report is a shining example of financial management.

This follows on from your finances, of course, but it can still take some time for a credit report to reflect the reality of a steady income and a healthy handling of finances – especially if there have been issues in the past. If your credit report is now something you like to spend an afternoon smugly browsing, rather than hiding from, it is a good signal that it might be time to make a move.

You know what you want.

If you have a pretty clear idea of what you want from your next property – close to transport, cafes and restaurants nearby, contemporary intelligent design, for example – then this is a great time to go out and find it. As with any long-term commitment, not really knowing what you want is likely to end in tears…

If you’re ready to put down some roots why not take a look at our stunning properties both in the heart and outskirts of London here:


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