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Posted: 26 February 2015 by Higgins Homes

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No matter how much you want to avoid it, moving day always tends to be a bit of a rush with a million things happening at once and two processes to consider moving out of one property and moving into another. In order to help you keep track of everything we've got 10 steps you can follow to help keep your move out on track

1. Give yourself time to pack. You might think that you can just throw everything into boxes but for some reason it always takes at least twice as long as you estimate to pack up a home. Allow a few days for simply throwing things away, pack priority items first and make sure you have plenty of tape, boxes and packing peanuts so you don't disrupt your flow.

2. Pack a box of 'essentials.' You're unlikely to unpack everything on the first day so keep one box that's for everything you're going to need in the first 24-48 hours (change of clothes, kettle, toaster etc).

3. Pack heavy items in small boxes. This will help you avoid breakages and ensure you arrive with everything in tact.

4. Who is doing the removals? Book your removal service well in advance so that you're not paying top price at the last minute out of desperation. Make sure they offer the service that you want including packing if you've decided you don't want to do that yourself and check whether prices include VAT.

5. Deal with your post. If you're waiting until after you move to change address etc the use a postal redirection service to make sure that any essential documents that are sent to your old address after you've left will be forwarded on to you via your local mail centre.

6. Do you need storage? If you're downsizing then make sure you book and organise the storage before moving day itself. Particularly if this is going to involve transporting heavy items it's a very good idea to try and incorporate dropping these off while you have a moving van to help you do it.

7. Give notice on your utilities. Even if you're staying with the same utilities provider you're going to need to let them know you're moving. Keep a checklist handy on the day of final readings on gas and electricity meters, removing routers etc so that you don't leave anything behind.

8. Don't pack laundry. It's unwise to pack damp clothes as they could well sit in a bag or box for several days until you get to them. Do laundry in plenty of time before your move or leave it until afterwards.

9. Plan your arrival. This could be anything from arranging the delivery of a new bed for the day you move in to ensuring you'll be up and running with Internet. Think ahead what will you need and what do you need to organise now?

10. Be careful you don't lose the little things. When you're dismantling a bed, for example, be sure to put all the nails etc into a freezer bag so you don't end up being unable to reassemble at the other end.

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