10 Reasons why living in London is incredible.

Posted: 26 August 2015 by Higgins Homes

London is one of the world’s best cities – that’s something that we hear a lot in the press and from the people who live in it. But what is it about this great big metropolis that makes it such an incredible place to be?

1. The free stuff. 

If you think a weekend in London has to cost an arm and a leg you’d be wrong. From events such as the Notting Hill Carnival through to the wealth of art galleries and museums you don’t have to spend anything to have amazing experiences.

2. The subcultures.

Many people love London for its mainstream appeal but for others it’s the underground that makes it feel like home. Across London you’ll find a range of subcultures from the East End hipsters to the Chelsea socialites.

3. The transport network.

You can get anywhere in the city thanks to the combination of bus, tube and train. Plus you have access to any global destination that takes your fancy thanks to the range of airports, the Eurostar and the national train stations.

4. The food culture.

Foodies love London, that’s a fact, and there are many good reasons for this. Whether you want to spend your weekends exploring the food markets and street food stalls or Michelin starred dining is your aim, you’ll never run out of options here.

5. It's two hours to the beach.

Just two hours on a train and you can be sunbathing on a sandy beach, such as the sands at Blue Flag awarded Littlehampton. 

6. The parks

For such an urban sprawl London sure has a lot of beautiful green spaces. Make for Primrose Hill for celebrity sightings and incredible views or Brockwell Park for picnics and summer ball games.

7. You can be anything.

We don’t mean this in a ‘the streets are paved with gold’ kind of a way, but if you need to become fluent in another language, find the perfect coffee, or take  Pilates classes from some of the best instructors then you can do it all here.

8. The career opportunities are vast. 

And most companies offer a salary uplift too (‘London weighting’)

9. You'll never be bored.  

It’s just not possible – from live music to circus school, swing dancing to ice skating, it’s all here.

10. The history is overwhelming. 

Everything happened here, from Queen Elizabeth to the Suffragettes, the Beatles to Royal Weddings – you can explore the city’s rich history at your leisure when you live in it.

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