Winter Warmers: Keeping cosy through Winter

Posted: 9 December 2014 by Higgins Homes

winter warmers

It might have been an unseasonably warm autumn but winter is finally here and that means the evenings are getting darker and the days are getting colder. For most of us there’s a temptation to crank up the heating and face high fuel bills as a result. However, it doesn't have to be like this. There are some simple steps that you can take to stay warm this winter that don't involved turning up the thermostat.

Under floor heating

It's a great alterative to more traditional forms of heating and has also been proven to be much more efficient too. Plus you''ll never have to have that ‘warm feet on a cold floor’ moment first thing in the morning ever again.

Deal with draughts

Close windows, doors and curtains when the sun goes down and take some steps to deal with the mini draughts that might seem incidental but which can contribute to a huge loss of heat if you’re not careful. Keyholes, cat flaps and loose windows are all wasting your valuable energy so invest in thick curtains, blinds and draught excluders so that your home stays warm without requiring extra heating to do it.

Bundle up

Winter is the perfect time for snuggly jumpers and hot water bottles to keep toasty. Rather than hiking up the heating (and your bills) just put on another layer or two – fleecy fabrics, wool and cotton will all help to keep the heat in and if you've always wanted an excuse to buy a onesie then the arrival of winter is ideal.


There are many forms of insulation to consider – yes you need to make sure that you have good insulation in the loft and around the water tank but you can also install some cheap insulation fixes yourself. For example, aluminium foil behind a radiator will stop heat passing through the walls to the outside and reflect it back into the room instead.

Invest in a wood burner

No matter where you live a wood burning stove is relatively easy to install and can contribute a huge amount of heat to a home. You can save a lot of money by choosing a wood burner, rather than constantly heating a room with central heating and they look fantastic too.

Higgins Homes are designed to keep you cosy in winter, no matter what the weather is doing. From excellent insulation to electric Dimplex panel heaters, with Higgins Homes you can stay warm and save money too.

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