What to look for when buying your home

Posted: 12 August 2014 by Higgins Homes

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There's a whole world of detail to get your head around when you're buying a home, whether it's your first, second - or fifth! From the area, to the property itself there's so much to remember that you might feel like you're drowning in a sea of variables after a while.

To help you make sure you stay afloat we've put together a list of what to keep an eye out for when buying your home and if you're looking for some fantastic properties to buy then we can help with that too, just take a look at the Higgins Homes website.

1. What's the area like? Many buyers focus solely on the state of the property itself, as well as perhaps the road that it's on. However, there's a lot more to bring into the equation. For example, what kind of transport links are there and what's the crime rate like in the area? Is there a local community and what kind of schools will you have access to if you need them? How much will a taxi home cost you and what are the local amenities, such as corner shop, supermarket, pub or restaurants serving your favourite foods. 

2. When you're viewing a home have a checklist of things to look out for. This should include damp, brown stains or cracks on ceilings, how many power points there are, whether the light switches work, the state of the plumbing, whether the locks are up to insurance standards, flooring always look under rugs and carpets the state of the roof, whether the central heating works, the size of the kitchen and the state of the neighbouring properties (if they are run down and in bad shape then this should be a warning sign). Try viewing multiple times at different times of day so you get a good all round picture of the property. 

3. Get as much information as you can. This could be anything from using websites like Property-Bee to see which sellers have recently dropped their prices in the area, to squeezing the agent for information on the number of viewings, length of time on the market, any neighbour disputes, how old the boiler is and when the flat was last rewired. You might also want to check whether the house is under a flight path, what the mobile phone and broadband reception is like (particularly if you're planning to work from home) and whether there is any evidence of Japanese Knotweed on neighbouring land some banks will refuse to lend if there is.

Finally, take some time to go and speak to the people who could be your new neighbours they will be able to offer the best insight of all into what it would be like to live there.

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