What to Look for in a Family Home

Posted: 17 January 2014 by Higgins Homes

Fitzroy terrace

Everyone has their own tick-list of what they want their ideal home to have, but when you are buying a new property specifically so you can expand your family, certain things once regarded as luxuries quickly become necessities. Likewise, the contrary is also true.

Location has long been considered one of the most important credentials for any property. But as soon as children come into the equation, so do nurseries, schools, busy roads, parks and other families. Schools alone are enough to effect house prices and you will need to do some research as to where the best ones are in the area you want to move to. Outdoor spaces for children to play safely and independently are also incredibly valuable and well worth hunting out.

The space within your new home is going to be more important than ever, with priorities most likely shifting as to what exactly you want. Whilst different families suit different living environments, each person having enough personal space is important in keeping relationships healthy. An extra room can be a multifunctional lifesaver, whether used as a guest bedroom, storage, hideaway, or space for any future additions to the family to save the need to move again.

A decent sized kitchen can also be a great help in keeping things running smoothly, especially if it has a table. It is called the 'heart of the home' for a reason. There is continued debate over the importance of a family home having a garden. Even the least green-fingered parents should remember just how much children love being outside, and how little they care about the presentation of your lawn. In other words, any outside space is only going to be a good thing where children are concerned. They are also great supplements to social occasions. Think of all the BBQs, fireworks nights and water fights you can have with your friends and family.

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