Interior Design Trends for 2014

Posted: 28 January 2014 by Higgins Homes

Cavendish interior

When it comes to interior design, the options have become well and truly endless. So much so that choosing a fresh new look for your home can be somewhat overwhelming. Which is why Higgins Homes has decided to plant the seed by taking a look at what some of the top designers and bloggers are forecasting to become this year's biggest trends.

Colours Changing as often as the seasons themselves, there have been several predictions over which hues will be rolled across our walls in 2014. Beige is very much out and muted, smokey Art Deco tones are taking the place of pastels. Think 'Instagram filters.' Heads are also nodding towards hot pink and fresh spring colours, with the accent wall remaining the designer's favourite way of bringing life into a room. 

Prints 2013 saw a lot of woodland-themed designs and prints making their way into our homes, with owls ironically being seen and not heard just about everywhere. But now it's time to say goodbye to leaf prints and novelty mushroom doorstops, and hello to a more sophisticated look of Venetian marbled-paper prints that take us back to a bygone era of leather bound books and all the poetry and romanticism that comes with it.

Window Dressings whilst dramatic walls are seeing a comeback, heavy, opulent window dressings are most certainly not. Much like the end of the Victorian age where people began craving light and transparency, we are now seeing a preference towards neutral high quality sheer nets and voiles made from wool and linen. Wood and Metal With both its environmental impact and tendency to fade and look tacky, plastic is definitely no longer fantastic. Instead we are rekindling our love of natural materials and all their beautiful quirks. Not only this but in a mix-and-match kind of way. Unvarnished hardwood and different types of raw and polished metal are set to coexist in perfect harmony. Brass has seen a revival too, with cleaner lines similar to those seen in the Art Deco period. One-of-a-Kind Of course, there is one overall trend that has been making its way back for some time now and shows no sign of letting up.

That is the 'anything goes' trend. Underpinned by a resurgence of second hand buying, coupled with unlimited 21st Century access to a mishmash of relics and one-offs, the ultimate homes are by far the ones that are unlike any others. White walls are set to continue their service as a blank canvas for eye-catching hangings with stories to tell, mis-matching furniture and odd little nick-nacs thrown together with an effortless look.

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