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Posted: 23 June 2014 by Higgins Homes


The best time to sell a home is obviously the period in which there are the most buyers undertaking a property search in the UK. However, this is often difficult to ascertain and so, in general, most property experts will confirm that, in terms of seasons, the period between spring and early summer beats just about every other time of year. Houses generally sell for 3% more at this time than any other (on average this is around £7,500 extra). If you're ready to start your viewings then here are a few tips on how to give yourself the best chance of achieving a sale during this peak time.

Cleaning is key. During the spring and summer months the arrival of real sunshine tends to show up every speck of dust in a property so invest some time in making your home sparkle. Yes, you would hope that buyers could see past a layer of dust but the reality is that most won't and dirty curtains, stained carpets and unclean surfaces will affect their view of the property – and what it's worth.

Try staging your home. This means placing some items around it that provide a few subtle hints to buyers that they should buy this property and not another. For example, spring and summer 'props' can make your home seem like the perfect spring property to buy fresh seasonal flowers, a garden set up for a BBQ or sunlight filtering through curtains covered with spring blooms can all sway a potential purchaser.

Don't try to hide anything. Buyers are incredibly nosey and you can expect every drawer to be opened and every cupboard looked into so don't resort to stuffing everything in any available space when you're trying to tidy up. Neatly pack items away show just how versatile your home is when it comes to storage and put the more summery items where buyers can see them to maintain that seasonal vibe.

Go neutral. Essentially, buyers want to be able to imagine themselves in your property and if you have stamped your personality all over it they might find this difficult to do. Try re-doing furnishings or paintwork in neutral colours, remove any particularly outrageous paintings or ornaments and tone down the furniture. Create a space that a buyer not only wants to be in but can visualise themselves in without too much effort. It's never too soon to discuss your options with Higgins Homes, One of our friendly customer representatives will be able to guide you through the selling process and into one of your luxury properties. Contact us here.

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