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Posted: 25 September 2014 by Higgins Homes

Arboretum interior features

If you're not looking to move house and you want to make your home a smarter place to be - or you do want to sell and you want to impress potential buyers - then upgrading certain features of your home is a very easy way to do it. Below are a few suggestions for essential upgrades that aren't too disruptive to do:

  1. 1.A learning thermostat. Upgrading your thermostat to a learnable model (rather than one you set manually) can bring some serious advantages that will make a difference to the way you enjoy your home. You can use a thermostat with a motion sensor to ensure that the heating doesn't come on unless there's actually someone in the property and a learnable model will get to know your schedule so that your home is heated by the time you arrive back in the evening.
  2. Touch less taps. Not only can you prevent the spread of germs by installing touch less taps into your home but you can save water too, as the tap will only come on when it senses your hand is there.
  3. A steam powered washer and dryer. Steam is the latest in washing technology and is the ultimate power cleaner whether you're trying to deal with a stubborn stain or an old duvet you just can't get clean. Plus, most of these machines have inbuilt technology that allows the machine to choose the time when electricity rates are the lowest so you can save money too.
  4. A video doorbell. The latest in doorbell technology means you don't even have to get up from your seat when visitors arrive. Instead of an intercom you can answer your video doorbell via your phone or smart phone instead.
  5. Instant hot water. An instant hot water dispenser gives you water at the perfect temperature for making tea, defrosting food or boiling rice for example. It's a great time and energy saving device for a busy modern world.
  6. Retractable extension cables. It's a fact of the modern home that we have a huge number of devices that need power and that means extension cables aplenty. Retractable cables mean that most of the wire is neatly coiled up inside a plastic casing rather than laying around on the floor looking messy.
  7. Intelligent lighting. The lighting in your home is key to setting the ambiance, helping you to relax and creating practical workspaces, elegant dining areas and fun playrooms. Invest in the latest in lighting technology for lights that respond to your life, from pulsing in time to your favourite track to automatically coming on as you enter the room.

These are some pretty simple ideas for upgrading the interiors of your home to make it a more pleasant place to be. There are many more options, depending on your budget and time commitment, from heated towel rails to installing a smart TV.

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