DIY Dos and DIY Don'ts

Posted: 28 July 2014 by Higgins Homes


Overly ambitious DIY has been the cause of many an argument sometimes we just can't see past the desire to 'fix stuff' and identify our own limits. However, if you don't want to have to live with wonky walls, terrifying electricals and embarrassing plumbing then you might want to think through your fantastic DIY project before you actually get started on it. To give you a few hints (without bruising any egos), here are a few of the challenges many homes face, as well as our take on whether you should get out your hammer or call in the professionals.  

Painting DIY  A lick of paint can transform a home and this is one of the easiest types of DIY to do. Of course you still need to make sure you cover skirting boards and light switches, choose the right paint and have the right kit but this is a job you can accomplish to a high standard without any help.

Electrical work DON'T DIY This should be obvious really but many of us still attempt to fix our own electricals rather than call in the professionals. Electricity is dangerous people it can kill you. Even if you've read a book or downloaded a guide off the internet, leave this to someone with actual qualifications instead.

Structural work DON'T DIY People train for years to understand the various factors involved in construction so don't insult their intelligence by assuming you can put up your own walls with advice from a mate. The same goes for knocking structures down too it might seem like a simple enough task to destroy a wall but there could be anything behind the plaster, including wiring and plumbing, and you could easily take down more wall than you intended to leave to the professionals.

Draught proofing doors and windows DO DIY You don't need to call in the professionals to help make your home more energy efficient by blocking drafts. No matter what you're using - whether adhesive strips or compression seals this is a job you can do without assistance.

Plumbing DON'T DIY Home plumbing might seem like a simple enough task pipes that take water and waste from A to B but it really isn't. Unless you want to end up with a kitchen full of water or a waste pipe depositing into the bathroom, don't attempt without a fully qualified tradesman to assist.

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