5 Quick and Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Home's Interior

Posted: 3 November 2014 by Higgins Homes

Oval quarter bedroom

Soft Furnishings Changing up the soft furnishings is a fantastic way to transform a space without the hassle of having to completely redecorate, and can be done as little or often as you like. Big windows lend themselves to lavish curtains, whereas smaller windows are often best kept nice and simple to maximise light and space. Rugs will add warmth to a room, especially one with hardwood floors, and scatter cushions are ideal for added comfort and small-scale patterns.

Artwork From wall hangings to ornaments and sculptures, introducing artwork to a room adds character, colour and even a talking point depending on how much of a statement you really want to make. Auctions, charity shops, graduate shows and local exhibitions are great for picking up a bargain as well as a potential investment. The important thing is that you like what you buy.

Statement Pieces Nothing brings a room together like a statement piece of furniture, or a focal point such as a fireplace or feature wall. The key here is to remember 'less is more' you want everything to compliment your statement piece, serving as a frame so that it can really shine. Don't be shy to invest either. 

Fixtures and Fittings Two seemingly identical properties can differ greatly in appearance and value, simply because of the quality of all the fixtures and fittings. If you really want to upgrade your home then it's time to pay attention to detail. Think about door handles, taps and integrated lighting; even curtain poles, banisters and towel rails. Whether you're going for something antique or ultra sleek and modern, investing a little more on these items will prove worthwhile.

Simplicity It has to be said the more you really think about the purpose and layout of a space, the less you need to put in it. Clutter is easily accumulated and having a clear out will instantly open up corners you forgot were even there. Before you start ripping up carpets and painting walls, try to empty the space as much as possible so you can better visualise your interior upgrade. Clean, simple lines are undeniably more elegant than chaotic interiors that lack form and identity. Each and every Higgins Home is finished to the highest standard, using only the very best quality materials, fixtures and fittings. We decorate in neutral tones so that buyers can personalise their new property from scratch.

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