Moving in with a partner?

Posted: 12 June 2013 by Higgins Homes

moving in with a partner

Moving in with the one you love is a time for great celebration, but it's also one of those steps that can be fraught with potential issues. Learning to live with someone else and their habits can be challenging at the best of times but when there's the emotional implications of a relationship too, little things can get blown right out of proportion. So how do you make sure that once you move in together you don't end up moving out separately?

1. Talk about the practical things whether it's who does the housework, whose names are going to be on which bills, or what kind of cooking arrangements you're going to have, agreeing them in advance means that you both have the same expectations. You don't necessarily have to go as far as a rigid written rota but maybe note down what you agree in advance so that arguments don't arise later on. The same applies to any purchases you make jointly, any redecorating you want to do before moving in, and even simple things like when you like to go to sleep at night discussing, agreeing and keeping a record of the bigger decisions (and continuing to communicate when you move in together) will make everything much easier.

2. Never let money becomes an issue that means being very clear about who is to pay what in advance. If you're jointly paying a mortgage then it can be a good idea to draw up an agreement that sets out exactly who pays what share and what this entitles them to if you split. Think about whether you will have a joint account, how you will cover household expenses between you, as well as on-going costs such as insurance.

3. Be sure(-ish) that it's the right move although you can never really know 100% whether you're doing the right thing moving in with someone, if you have thought it through thoroughly in advance then you have given yourself the time to spot any pitfalls. If you and your other half can communicate honestly, have talked about the future (possibly including getting married) and share the same goals over similar timescales then these are all good reasons to set up home together.

4. Be patient one of the most challenging parts of living with a partner is discovering their less than attractive habits and dealing with any friction that might arise. Patience and kindness are the two most important things to cultivate if you want to live successfully with your partner. Try to avoid constantly criticising or passively aggressively getting angry without honestly saying if you have an issue with your partner, and try not to sweat the small stuff.

5. Be you when you move in with someone it can be tempting to just completely let the relationship absorb you and spend all your nights doing comfortable coupley things in the house. Make sure you keep doing all the activities you have always enjoyed, see your friends, continue to grow as an individual person and spend time apart on your own. It can put an enormous amount of pressure on a relationship if one or both partners has no friends or activities outside of that relationship.

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