How to be a good neighbour

Posted: 18 June 2013 by Higgins Homes


With the UK's cities becoming increasingly overcrowded we are all living in closer quarters than we used to. As a result, whether it's the booming music from an all night party or a constantly barking dog we have all been on the receiving end of the kind of behaviour that you might classify as a 'bad neighbour' and usually felt pretty annoyed about it. But have you ever thought about the way you come across to those who live on the other side of your four walls?

Here are some tips on how to be a good neighbour. Be friendly it's a pretty simple one but establishing a relationship with your neighbours, even one where you simply say hello in the mornings, means that when something does annoy it's much easier to deal with. You're more likely to be patient with neighbours you get on with and a friendly atmosphere can make living in close proximity much more bearable.

Watch your noise levels it's definitely the biggest gripe that most people have about their neighbours: that they just make too much noise. Sometimes a bit of noise is inevitable but you can stay on your neighbours' good sides by keeping your music and TV sound levels down, not leaving a dog alone to bark all day, not putting the washing machine on at midnight, avoiding slamming your doors and if you're going to have lots of people over letting your neighbours know in advance.

Maintain your property, if you don't keep your home in good condition it can affect the values of the properties around you, as well as creating an eyesore that is bound to irritate the people who live around you. Only put your rubbish out on rubbish day, keep your garage door shut, carry out regular repairs and repaints so that your home looks tidy, maintain your gardens, front and back, and don't leave anything like toys out in the street. The state of your house says a lot about you so remember the impression you are creating.

Be considerate, it's amazing the difference it can make to people's lives if you consider their needs as well as your own. Checking on elderly neighbours, taking turns to mow communal garden areas, setting up a neighbourhood watch scheme to look out for each other, and lending a hand babysitting the neighbours children can all create a community atmosphere which makes for much better neighbour relations.

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