Why should I buy a new home?

Posted: 1 August 2012 by Higgins Homes


House-hunting is a minefield of a journey, especially for first-time buyers, with so many factors to take into consideration before making the final decision. Choosing the right property for you is more than just pre-planning the wallpaper and the wrong choice could leave you spending more rather than less, a no-no for those wanting to stay within their budget. Second-hand properties can often come with a lot of unwanted baggage. Discount the decorative features and quaint interior, and what you're left with is a property that requires a lot of structural work and old parts changing for new. For first-time buyers this is simply unaffordable and for others buying a second home, it's a hassle they could do without.

Advantages of buying a new home or flat A clean slate Moving into a new property gives you the freedom to really put your stamp on a home which is very exciting for prospective buyers. The neutral colour palette and fresh furnishings are easily transformed to create whatever feel that you want, or if you change your mind it can easily be reversed back to blank. New properties also tend to be very adaptable and contemporary with all the latest mod-cons included. Most buyers find this quite appealing in a home because it means you save cash by not having to install them yourself.

Eco-friendly and safe What you find with older properties is that due to careless maintenance they waste a lot of energy. Those worries are non-existent in new homes and flats - proper heat insulation, double-glazed windows, and energy efficient appliances all help keep your property green and those energy bills at a minimum. Most appliances in new homes also come with an energy rating certificate, so you can rest assured that your property is environmentally-friendly. Fire safety and your personal safety are catered for in a new development far more than they are in an older property. Smoke alarms, fire doors and fire-retardant materials are all standard in a new home and the architectural design must adhere to rigorous fire safety laws.

Quick and easy move in Having to wait on the owner of your new property to move out or negotiate final prices has a snowball effect on when you can move in, which is often frustrating for both parties. Once you've found your new property and dealt with the solicitors you should be well on your way to settling into your dream home without any drama. Higgins Homes offer new homes and flats.

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