Home accessories you need in your life

Posted: 6 March 2016 by Higgins Homes

Home accessories you need in your life


At this time of year it’s not just the garden and countryside that are ripe for change. As the seasons move from one to the next, replacing bare trees with blossom and buds and cold, grey skies with a hint of summer warmth, many of us start to look inside our homes to see what needs to change in time for summer. This year, update your interiors with some simple home accessories inspired by seasonal trends.


1. Buttercup, Iced Coffee, Peach Echo


These may sound like snacks but are actually three of the hot colours identified by Pantone for spring 2016. Apply to lounge curtains, kitchen cabinets or bedding for a statement spring look.


2. Seventies theatre


Interior accessories are taking a tip from the seventies this season with all things bold, brash, clashing and kitsch. Start with a vase full of towering ostrich feathers and then move onto metallic, geometric striped cushions and gold flecked carpets and you’re on the right track.


3. Statement coffee table


The coffee table also takes its inspiration from the decade of flares, eye watering prints and block heels this spring with vintage designs offering an instant interiors update. Designs should be metal or glass – or both – so don’t even think about a subtle, minimal, pale Scandi wood look for this season. Distinctive features such as ball feet or gravity defying curves are a must.


4. Rattan chairs


Another vintage reference, rattan chairs and sofas are a hot interiors accessories trend for spring this year. The eco potential of the material and the eye catching 3D structures make rattan accessories dramatic, comfortable and versatile all in one. Choose the design that best suits your style, whether that’s super curves or ultra contemporary angles.


5. Monochrome dining


Interiors often reflect the catwalks and with some of fashion’s biggest names offering up monochrome elements to their SS16 collections, many interiors designers have followed suit. In particular, the dining room is a great location for monochrome magic and there are black and white dining sets, tablecloths and candles galore.


6. Botanicals


Spring 2016 continues the trend of bringing the outside in but this season it is all so much more exotic and vibrant. Jungle leaf wallpaper and clashing tropical prints and shades on cushions, glassware and hanging prints are contrasted with sand coloured soft furnishings and earthy dark brown woods. Bring a touch of the rainforest into your interiors for the ultimate in super spring style.



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