Decluttering tips for busy families

Posted: 14 February 2016 by Higgins Homes

‘Decluttering’ is a word that is often met with an eye roll of the ‘as if I have time for that’ variety. However, rather than adding another thing to your To Do list, decluttering can be easily incorporated into your daily routines and can have a great impact when it comes to organising the family home and creating space for work and play. If you’re a decluttering debutante then here are a few tips on how to incorporate it into a busy family life.


Have a plan

Many of us have experienced the frustration of focusing on decluttering one room, only to find that, while we were looking the other way, another space in the house has become a dumping ground. Rather than playing catch up with the decluttering, take an hour or so to sit down and work out what needs to happen, in which rooms, and when.


Introduce a few basic solutions

Sometimes, decluttering is as simple as introducing a toy box into a room where the floor is constantly covered in Lego bricks and toy trains. Shelves with labeled boxes, putting up wall storage to clear counters, pegs for coats and bags, and different laundry bins for whites and colours can simplify household processes and held clear surfaces and floors.


Get everyone involved

There’s little point in you attempting to declutter if everyone around you is defeating your efforts with constant re-cluttering. It can be a good idea to do this with some fun new rules – a ‘nothing on the floor before dinner’ rule is a great way to make sure you’re not left putting all the toys away late at night. Give kids their own labeled bin, allow them to decorate it and make it a game to pack away all their things before going to bed.


Set a good example

If there are areas of the home that are yours and yours alone and these are overcrowded with memorabilia, ‘just in case’ items and ‘things I might need but I’m not sure when’ then set a good example to the rest of the house and chuck these out.


Stop buying what you don’t need

No number of innovative decluttering solutions can cope with a house that is continuously being filled with unnecessary things. Effective decluttering depends firstly and foremostly on only bringing into your home what you need so when you’re considering buying something go through the process of assessing 1) do we need it? 2) will we use it in the next week? Or 3) will I have to declutter this in two months time?

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