7 Home Trends for 2016

Posted: 14 January 2016 by Higgins Homes

If you love to keep your interiors up to date then 2016 is going to be an exciting year. With bolder styles and the opportunity to create a space that feels fresh, modern and up to the minute, there are some fantastic home trends to take note of for 2016.


1. The formal dining room

We’ve all spent years converting our dining rooms into offices, or just using them for storage as we consume breakfasts, lunches and dinners on the sofa in front of the TV. All that is about to change in 2016 with the return of the formal dining room. Expect statement tables and chairs (matching or eclectically mixed), flattering lighting and immaculate floral arrangements.


2. Geometric tiles

2016 is the year that tiling got interesting – if you thought that tiles were purely for bathrooms and splashbacks and limited to avocado green or white then think again. This year tiles are a design feature and the geometric variety fit right in with the sleek, bold shapes of 2016.


3. Scandinavian design

Not necessarily a new trend but one that remains resolutely popular for 2016, perhaps thanks to our love for Scandinavian crime dramas such as The Bridge, perhaps thanks to IKEA, or perhaps as a result of the lightweight feel of a Scandi interior. Pale woods encapsulate this look, combined with warm, heavy fabrics in primary colours and white.


4. Gray

Choose one or fifty shades, it’s up to you, but gray is one of the colours to bring into your interiors for 2016 to give them a shot of contemporary cool. For an ultra modern feel, combine with a bright yellow or blue, and for something subtler, stick to tones of black and white to provide the context.


5. Artisan

Hand made is big this year, not just in the fashion world but in interiors too. Furnishings have an authentic and individual feel, bedding is organic and hand woven and everything from vases and crockery to sofas and beds should look like it has been crafted painstakingly, rather than manufactured on a factory floor.


6. Metallic wallpaper

In contrast to some of the simpler and more pared back themes, the trend for metallic wallpaper is showy, glitzy and over the top. Have a single statement wall, or cover an entire room in it for the ultimate decadent look.


7. Smart homes

We’re installing under floor heating all over the house this year, not just the bathroom, introducing energy saving features and using DIY home storage hacks to make our homes livable, comfortable and cool. Think bookshelves under the stairs, closet offices, beds with built in sleep IQ monitors and hallway heating.


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